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Blanket Washing, Repair and Waterproofing

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Blanket Washing


We wash your blankets using a blanket wash solution and hang them out to dry.  Washing includes cleaning velcro and treating blanket hardware as needed. 


Our prices are based on size and weight of the blanket.  We also wash other horse clothing and accessories.

Prices:  Rainsheets sz 78 and above - $15

             Rainsheets sz 76 and below - $10

             Medium Blankets 78 and above - $20

             Medium Blankets 76 and below - $15

             Heavy Blankets 78 and above - $25

             Heavy Blankets 76 and below $20

             Hoods are $5 for Washing/Rugproofing


Blanket Repair

After washing we inspect each blanket for repairs.  Repairs are based on amount of stitching required.  Leg straps can be repaired or replaced with tail straps.  We can provide an estimate if needed.


Blanket Waterproofing


It is a good idea to waterproof your blankets after washing.  The rug proofing solution is water soluble so that the blanket can breathe and it will wash out.  This service is $15 per blanket. Each blanket is treated over the main area to keep your horse as dry as possible. 


We can also monogram your blankets or make blanket tags for identification.  When we reach this step, your blanket is reinspected, folded and placed into a zippered bag for return.

Blanket Submission Form

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