Cathy Armiger

Cathy is a life long equestrian who trains and teaches dressage at Celebration.  She grew up trail riding, dabbled in eventing and hunters until she found a passion for dressage.  Over the years Cathy has started 19 young horses and trained through the levels to Grand Prix.  She has worked with the best including  Robert Dover, Guenter Seidel, Michael Poulin, Gerhart Politz, Nicole Uphoff, Axel Steiner, Uwe Stever, and Lendon Gray.

Her goals at Celebration is training horses to develop athletic abilities and teaching riders to become confidant and competent.

Contact information:  410-361-0083;

 Ralph Johnston

Ralph Johnston teaches basic riding, dressage skills and hunters/jumping at  Celebration.   Ralph has years of experience with young horses, in-hand work, longlining.  He is helping many riders achieve their goals.

Contact information:  301-788-5070