Blanket repair


Celebration Farm offers a Blanket Washing and Repair Service. Pricing is as follows:

Blanket Type Blanket Size Price
Winter Blanket Heavy/Medium 78″-87″ $25
Light 78″-87″/ Heavy 68″-76″ $20
Heavy small $15
Rain Sheet Large/Medium $15
Small $10
Fly Sheet All $10
Other Waterproofing $15
Repair As Needed
Monogramming, Storage bags, and Delivery On Request

All drying is done by air.
Free Pickup of 20 or more

Please note that we will make every effort to return your blankets in extraordinary condition.  However washing may cause some fading, waterproofing may not work on blankets that are older and some products that were not intended for machine washing may shrink.  If blankets arrive with a lot of hair in them, we cannot guarantee that they will be hair-free after washing.  We cannot guarantee any blankets left more than 30 days after receipt of notice that they are finished.