156_david_and_janetJanet & David Geyer:

Janet began her love of horses at an early age and has been involved with horses for many years.  During her early years she participated in gymkhana and drill team while learning to jump and ride in a variety of disciplines.  With a degree in Biology and an MBA.  Janet’s career in scientific instrumentation and biotechnology took form while learning dressage in her spare time.  In 2001, Celebration Farm started to take shape – creating a new home for our small group of warmbloods.  Today, Celebration is about our love of the horse and riding.


Barbara Bosley:

The horse care is carefully managed by Barbara Bosley who has over 45 years in this business.  Barbara takes care of your horse as though they belonged to her and will work with you to meet your needs.  At Celebration, we believe that this is your horse’s home and we strive to create a great environment for them.